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Fraktality art: Lentils, Acid and Crypto

It has started in early 2015. As it usually happens with artists, Nick had had dozens of ideas, a huge inspiration, and motivation, but he still had to go to his regular job. The regular job, as we may know, is a pretty hard challenge for any artistic being, so the situation had been becoming more and more torturing. If you have ever been a hired helper in Saint Petersburg print shop, spending all the salary for the rent and food (nothing else), probably you understand how sad was that.

The salvation came in the form of lentils, unexpectedly. Nick has been scrolling his Instagram feed and saw weird, but remotely familiar art piece — lenticular print. From this point, Fraktality Big Journey took its start. Lenticular technology has become the basic Fraktality feature. At first, it was just a tiny Instagram shop, but people needed more and more, and now Fraktality has its home site, team, partners, workshop, exhibitions, and more great things are waiting ahead!

What the lentils

Do you like eating lentils? Nick does. But here lentils is not about nutrition. “lentil” and “lenticular” is simply a matter of words. This is all because of lenses, which are pieces of a special plastic that bend (or “refract”) light to make things look bigger or smaller. Lenses got their name because some of them just happen to look a bit like lentils!

Acid is dangerous

They say, that the effect which provides lenticular technology looks psychedelic. Luckily, Nick had a very good understanding of the issue. And the biggest part of his works is related to this world of Visionary Art. They look trippy, close to visual hallucination after taking a good dose of psychedelics and probably (Nick still doesn’t know this for sure) can cause a seizure. So please, be careful if you are sensible for optical illusions!

Crypto goes big

The cryptocurrency world has always been very special. The possibilities which are given by blockchain technology and its present and further impact on the whole world, including the world of art, is very encouraging to Fraktality team. That’s why art pieces dedicated to Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tron, Litecoin, Doge, Monero, EOS, Ripple, Cardano have appeared. And many more are yet to come!

Thank you for attencion!

Here we are:

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