“Mona Lisa” Leonardo Davinci Spiritual COLLAB – Psy Surrealism Art by Ivimoart


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Art Prints Ivimoart : “Mona Lisa”

Ivimoart present a very special time-limited edition print release for this holiday season! The print, «Mona Lisa». Ivi – visual artist, illustrator and children’s book author from Norway. Combine analogue and digital inking in work and try to find a fine balance between the two. The final result is digital and printed on a large scale canvas.

Leonardo da Vinci was born in a Tuscan hamlet near Vinci. He began a nine-year apprenticeship at the age of 14 to Andrea del Verrocchio, a popular sculptor, painter and goldsmith who was an important figure in the art world of the day.

Psy Art – aimed at using graphic, literary, and cinematic techniques for esoteric research, achieving trance, and searching for spiritual revelation.

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